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March 2018

I’ve taken part in the international online music contest brought by Eastwest Soundsonline, featuring their brand new virtual choir « Hollywood Choirs ». You can have a listen to my cue and vote by clicking on the following URL:


My cue is called « Faith is all we have »

I’m now in partnership with the music online portal SCAPEtune.com for licensing music for film, TV and commercials. This site is to be found at:


Thanks for supporting me!

January 2018

My composer’s 2018 showreel is now available on YouTube: one is « meditation » oriented and the other one is an « action packed » sequence.

November 2017

Harold Squire now produces corporate movies for small & medium enterprises, sports clubs, associations, etc. Videos will be announced later in 2018.

October 2017

My latest cue titled « Indescribable » is found here below:

September 2017

This month I composed a cue using four different « soundscapes » in the style of Thomas Newman (The Shawshank’s Redemption, American Beauty, The Road to Perdition) and tried to capture this typical « ethereal sound » found in most of Thomas Newman’s movie scores.

August 2017

haroldsquire.com is now officially online!

Harold Squire is currently working on a music score to Operation Jericho (produced by Empty Can Films) and will be scoring forthcoming Redcon-1 in a near future. This short movie project is currently being crowfunded with IndieGoGo.

Watch the Operation Jericho’s airstrike sequence:

Watch the Empty Can Films Channel Update:

Listen to Operation Jericho music score:


Of English descent yet Swiss born, Harold Squire grew up as a prolific and versatile music composer. He mainly created the score to a number of movies including theaters, TV and corporate films as well. Among his principal music influences, let us quote the music compositions of Hollywood based composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and Marco Beltrami.
Harold Squire’s musical sensibility is well regarded by others in the industry and is one of his greatest assets. His stylistic range is wide open and is keen on going any direction needed. He has proved to be very flexible and efficient with regards to the postproduction workflow that often comprises extremely tight deadlines.
Harold Squire also produces pop/rock and electronic music and his résumé involves a massive number of successful collaborations, including X’Senses (electronic trance music) Igor Doudenkov (Russian song) just to name only a few of them.


After graduating from the Conservatoire de Musique in Switzerland back in 2001, (classical / jazz piano and music theory) Harold Squire went on producing electronic music with a first LP recorded in collaboration with Q-LAB Recording & Productions in Basel (CH) « Dry Sunrain – En Harmonie ». Later in 2002, he built up his own recording studio and started producing a number of singers and other vocal performers. He also spent time to coach many artists to better perform and record their songs in his studio.

Since 2005 he’s been scoring movies within the theaters / TV / trailer / corporate & commercial movies industry. In 2006 and 2007, he traveled to the U.S and had the opportunity to visit recording stages and meet A-list top composer Christopher Young (Spider Man 3, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Core) he attented masterclasses with. He also had the chance to meet well known orchestra conductor Pete Anthony (Fantastic Four, X-Men Apocalypse, Fifty Shades Darker) and Brad Dechter (Orchestrator to James Newton Howard who scored “Signs, The Village, The Hunger Games”). Christopher Young spent some time coaching Harold and encouraged him in pursuing his career in the movie industry.

Harold Squire now keeps on producing music for films within Europe and with the U.S on a remote basis. In Switzerland, he collaborates with directors to score documentary movies broadcast on the national Swiss television (RTS).


My latest work


2016 Dentsply Maillefer – 3d Endo Corporate Movie
2015 Nettoyeurs De Guerre – Directed By Orane Burri / Jmh Productions
2015 Dentsply Maillefer – X-smart-iq Corporate Movie
2013 Dubey And Schaldenbrand – Keepers Of Time / Directed By Dali Comm
2012 Tissot Watches – Tradition And Innovation – Directed By Imaginastudio
2012 Tag Heuer – 80th Birthday Carrera Special Edition
2011 Femen – Directed By Alain Margot / Rts
2009 Candino Watches – Directed By Alain Margot
2009 Reve De Chine – Directed By Francois Yang / Jmh Productions
2007 La Mecanique Des Anges – Directed By Alain Margot / Jmh Productions

2017 Le Glaive – Directed By Marie Léchot
2016 Dublin – Directed By Orane Burri / Les Regardiens Productions
2015 Perspective – Directed By Shary Nassimi / Summer House Pictures Productions
2014 Nathalie – Directed By Vincent Bailleul / Michael Productions (F)
2009 Kontrast – Directed By Lazrael Lison / Summer House Pictures Productions
2009 Deti Pozora – Les Enfants De La Honte – Directed By Alain Margot / Rtsfiction
2005 Peur Bleue – Directed By Ivry Braun / Trimaginaire Productions (CH)

2014 Private Number – Directed By Lazrael Lison / Summer House Pictures
2013 Jill & Me – Directed By Michelle Ehlen / Balletdiesel Productions
2011 Rift – Directed By Lazrael Lison / Summer House Pictures
2007 Butch Jamie – Directed By Michelle Ehlen / Balletdiesel Productions

2009 Chain Letter (Composer – Additional Music)
2009 I Do … I Did (Composer – Additional Music)
2006 Cut Off (Orchestrator)
2006 Seance (Composer – Additional Music)


Which is your project type ?

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Ein echter Komponist.

Olivier Zwicky, Actor / Acting Director

Your music reminds me of Philipp Glass’

Christopher Young, Hollywood A-list top composer (The Core, Spider-Man III, Untraceable, Priest)

We think Mr Squire will go any length to musically fulfilling directors’ wildest dreams

LazRael Lison, Director

What I really liked about working with Harold Squire for two of my feature comedies (Butch Jamie and Heterosexual Jill) is the way he understands the nuances of the beats and timing of the scene, accentuating the comedic moments without being too obvious or over-the-top. There is always a playful interplay of what’s happening on screen with the music, bringing a nice additional layer to everything. In my experience, it’s something that few composers who score comedy can do well

Michelle Ehlen, Director

I know I can always rely on Mr Squire to help me produce music that is truly unique. That, coupled with his constant professionalism, will help to make Mr Squire an astoundingly successful musician

Vincent Gillioz, L.A based composer

Thank you for a very efficient and attentive work

Orane Burri, Director